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Photo Courtesy: Tom / Murderous Rampage

 From one of my favorite nights this past year: Cat's B-day party:  Tommy made it very special!  http://www.youtube.com/user/FreddieFilms#p/a/u/0/lN95ibt_r-s     


Photos: Pumpkin Carving at Poor House in Fort Lauderdale

By Andrea Richard, Thu., Oct. 28 2010



***most personality***This is my favorite bar in FTL. It has the most personality and the best live original music downtown (besides Revolution of course). I've downed way too many cheap pints of PBR and Bud Light on Poor House's stools. It's kind of funny that it's located next to the worst bar in FTL, America's Backyard.   BIGmig22

**7/29/2009 best bar in ft lauderdale period, i have been going to the poorhouse for years i dont hink i have ever had a bad time, great crowd,great drinks great music!! 
Noel R.

***A chill, down-to-earth bar where live music and a fun night of drinking are the main menu. Enjoy the tunes while sipping on a beer and revel in the lack of attitude that has become so prevalent in the rest of the city. ***Clubplanet.com

From Maggish.com:

Photos by Stephanie Colaianni
PoorHouse never lets us down. The Wholetones from Naples came across the everglades to play a little jig for us over here in Ft. Lauderdale Saturday, April 2. Not sure what to expect, I just went for the beer. Usually bands have that one member who just blows your mind. The Wholetones seem to take turns being that member. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of Alex Dorris with every instrument he played (guitar, banjo, chello, ect). Then to switch it up, Taylor Freydber came out of nowhere with the harmonica and banjo. Next thing you know, Mayo Coates is screaming over the sound of all the instruments from behind the drum set.

This band is well worth seeing if they happen to be in your town. While their original stuff is great, I reccomend you stick around for their Decemberist's cover.


Photo courtesy of "Hawg Jowls & The Bacon Fats"


Photos by Stephanie Colaianni

Photos by Stephanie Colaianni

 Music courtesy of :Dave Shelley Band go to download: 

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