Est. 1995

Est. 1995

Est. 1995Est. 1995Est. 1995

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Established in 1995 Poorhouse has been showcasing live local and national touring bands for 25 years. It may be blues, country, punk or good old rock and roll, but it's always original. Open till 4am every night, we are always here when you get off work, need a drink or just want to talk shit.

Full liquor, great beer(and bad beer) if so desired , homemade grilled sandwiches till 4 , we have all you will need in the middle of the night.


Where the weird go pro!

You meet the classiest people at Poorhouse.


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Poor House Bar

Poorhouse 110 SW 3rd Ave Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33312

(954) 522-5145


Sunday - Saturday: 8pm - 4am